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Hayley Williams during Last Hope in Brisbane, Australia. January 9th, 2014.


@seungriseyo: “Hong kong Happy valentine 💝🍫 @xxxibgdrgn @youngbeezzy

A wonderful 2014 to all my lovely followers and everyone beyond. Thank you for everything.


Ayeee I'm back for my second follow forever. And since it's practically Christmas, why not? So yeah, this year was lovely, I've met tons of lovely people and a bunch of things that y'all have already heard so yeah. Happy Christmas to all! Yes, I say, happy, merry just sounds weird. I'm sorry.

The mains: Cindy, Emma, Jacki, Julia, Justin, Katie, Renata, Sydney & Tyler.


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thank you bby,means a lot <3

Seunghoon searching for his partner, Mino